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Heartbroken dad blames nurses after newborn baby left brain dead

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Jan 8, 2020

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Cape Town - The father of a newborn baby claims the negligence of nurses has left his child brain dead.

Gift Wilson, 27, says his wife Thandie Lowe, 21, spent nearly 24 hours in labour at Vanguard Community Health Centre & MOU (maternity ward).

He says if nurses and a doctor had helped his wife sooner, their first-born child would have been fine.

Instead, the Malawian couple had the heartbreaking task of switching off the machines keeping their son alive the same day he was born.

“She went into labour on 27 December at 2am and we rushed her to the MOU,” Gift explains.

“We were told it was too early for the baby and to come back when her pains were stronger.

“We came back at 12pm the same day and only at 10pm did she get a bed.

“They checked the baby’s heartbeat, but my wife was basically alone when she gave birth after 11pm.

“The doctor placed the baby on her chest and he gave his first cry.

“Then the staff noticed that he stopped breathing.

“A doctor tried to help the baby for two hours and later told us the baby is dead.”

But Gift says it was what happened next which led him to believe staff were negligent.

“The new staff came on duty for the shift change and a nurse found the baby and said he could still breathe a little,” he says.

Mom and baby were rushed to Groote Schuur Hospital where doctors again battled to save him. Sadly, the infant was declared brain dead.

“The doctors said he got too little oxygen,” says the heartbroken dad, who is now demanding answers.

“Why was the baby left in a room when he was still alive and breathing?”

He says they were in tears when the machines keeping their son breathing was switched off.

“My wife is devastated, she is sad and so sick, and is back at the hospital now because of the milk in her breasts and there is no baby to feed.

“We were so excited for this baby,” Gift adds sadly.

Western Cape Department of Health expressed their “heartfelt condolences to the parents for their tragic loss”.

They confirmed the infant “developed breathing complications” and encouraged the family to contact the Vanguard clinic manager with questions.

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