Nkosikho Mbele. File picture: Jack Lestrade.
Cape Town - Nkosikho Mbele said he was waiting for a sign from above to influence his decision on where the half a million rand donated by his employer for charity would go.

BackaBuddy beneficiary Mbele said God would decide on a charity.

“God is the one who makes all things possible. I believe He will give me a sign to make a right choice. I am bearing in mind that this is not about me; I did not ask for this to happen,” Mbele said.

His show of ubuntu towards fellow South African Monet van Deventer at the weekend gripped the hearts of locals and the global community alike.

Mbele, who works at the Shell garage in Makhaza, had used R100 of his wages to pay for fuel for Van Deventer’s car after she had left her purse at home.

He was worried Van Deventer would get stuck along a notorious stretch of the N2 if she did not put petrol in her car. After Mbele’s kind gesture, Van Deventer started a crowdfunding campaign with the aim of raising R100 000.

By Wednesday night it had raised R490000.

Separately, Shell donated R500 000 to go to a charity of Mbele’s Choice. He has thanked everyone who donated.

“I am grateful to everyone who donated their hard-earned money. I believe God will bless them more. And I also thank everyone for their support and prayers. The past few days have been an amazing story of life,” he said.

Cape Times