Chantel Meyer of Lavender Hill
Chantel Meyer of Lavender Hill

'Home Affairs says I'm dead'

By Saafia February/Daily Voice Time of article published Nov 18, 2019

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Cape Town - A Lavender Hill mom says the Department of Home Affairs has killed her.

Chantel Meyer, 37, says in August, she was shocked to the core when officials told her she is dead according to their records.

The single mother of four says she was horrified to learn that she had been declared deceased in July 2019.

She says the nightmare started when she went to the Labour Department to apply for her Unemployment Fund (UIF) after she was laid off at a sporting goods company.

Late in August, she received a message to say she was dead.

“The lady at the UIF offices here in Cape Town called me and asked me to come in because her bosses were accusing her of fraud. I was so shocked,” she says.

“I was dead, according to the government. I showed them my ID again and they were amazed. I don’t know how I died.”

Chantel Meyer says she had to obtain an affidavit to prove that she was alive as Home Affairs records show she was declared dead in July 2019.


Chantel was advised to go to the Department of Home Affairs with her ID, but there she was told to get an affidavit at a police station and reapply for her identity document.

“I had to swear that I was not dead,” the amazed woman says.

“Even the police officer said she has never seen a dead woman walking,” she jokes.

On top of all this, SASSA grants for her children were also halted.

Chantel says the family currently has no income and are suffering.

They’ve been living off the pension of her elderly mother but it is far from enough.

Chantel holds her identity document.

“My daughter starts Grade R next year and the other one starts high school,” says Chantel.

“What am I supposed to do? I’m looking for work every day and skarrel so my children can at least eat. It’s not easy.

“I don’t expect handouts, but I would like to be able to take care of my kids. Being dead is not helping.”

Following an enquiry by the Daily Voice, Home Affairs spokesman David Hlabane said: “We are investigating a possible case of sharing of the identity number you have provided.

“We will provide comprehensive feedback once the investigation has been finalised, which includes going through the records.”

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