Police have uncovered a home-made ammunition factory at a house in Lansdowne, where they confiscated hundreds of bullets. Picture: Daily Voice

Cape Town - Police have uncovered a home-made ammunition factory at a house in Lansdowne, where they confiscated hundreds of bullets they believe were intended for alleged Cape Flats gang members.

Cops made the bust in Bombay Street on Saturday following a tip-off, and seized large amounts of gunpowder, ammunition projectiles and cartridges, as well as a device used to make bullets.

Police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, said the bullets were being manufactured for Hanover Park gangsters.

No arrests have been made yet.

“A search of the premises resulted in the discovery of an illegal make-shift factory for ammunition, which we believe is intended for the gangs in the Hanover Park area,” Traut explained.

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“Large quantities of ammunition cartridges, projectiles and gunpowder were seized, as well as apparatus to manufacture ammunition. The circumstances surrounding the seizure are under investigation and the possibility of arrests is not ruled out."

“It is illegal to manufacture or possess ammunition if you do not have a licence for a firearm for which the ammunition is intended or have a permit to manufacture ammunition.”

Lansdowne resident and anti-crime activist, Hanif Loonat, believes there are many such “mini arms plants” on the Cape Flats.

“That is not the only place. We don’t have a war in our country and if any ammunition is being manufactured it is going to gangsters and criminals,” he says.

“This manufacturing is done on behalf of a group. SAPS should be applauded for getting to the bottom of this. There are many other homes where drugs and ammunition are being manufactured, that police also need to clamp down on.”

Loonat says suspects have become smarter by making their own “untraceable” bullets.

“A bullet without a recording or inscription is dangerous. It’s like a fingerprint and would have a special marking or print on. Without that, one would not be able to trace from which gun the bullet came. This would help suspects evade an arrest,” he added.

The Daily Voice went to Bombay Street on Sunday, a quiet area lined with posh homes surrounded by gates and high fences.

It is not clear who the owners are of the house in question, and no one was outside on the street.