Ameerodien Noordien
The Gift Of The Givers has issued a heartfelt plea for intervention on the gang-ravaged Cape Flats after one of their young volunteers was killed in gang crossfire on Friday. 

This is an extract from the organisation's post on Facebook:

How many more innocent deaths will it take? How many more young children must die violently and tragically? How many more parents and siblings must suffer anguish before we act decisively as a nation to stem the endemic community disorder of gangsterism, drugs and violence.

Ameerodien Noordien (20), wanted out of poverty in a dignified way, no drugs, no gangsterism, no violence, only honesty, integrity, hard sweat and lawful earnings to take care of his family. His mother, Fatima, wanted to see the development of a righteous child, on the straight path, an asset to society. 

Ameerodien came into contact with Ali Sablay, a Gift of the Givers project manager in Cape Town earlier this year. We needed volunteers, but hire them as temporary paid staff, as many of them come from impoverished backgrounds. 

Moving, stacking, packing and distributing 300 containers of bottled water, and delivering thousands of bales of fodder in all Cape provinces opened an opportunity for youth like Ameerodien to earn an income, serve society, gain experience and learn skills. 

That opportunity was violently terminated yesterday, 5 October, at 19h00, at Surwood Walk, Hanover Park, three bullets in the back, one in the head, caught in the crossfire of those who act with impunity, who respect neither law, nor human value, no the sanctity of life and get away time and time again. Innocent Ameerodien was killed. 

Decency, hope, aspiration, youth and vibrancy died at the hands of arrogance.

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