Picture: Robin-Lee Francke
Picture: Robin-Lee Francke

I’m a rapper not a kidnapper, says former baby snatch accused

By Robin-Lee Francke/Daily Voice Time of article published Feb 17, 2020

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Cape Town - After kidnapping charges against him were dropped, Ely Kibunda has spoken exclusively to the Daily Voice, saying he was a rapper not a kidnapper.

Kibunda, 22, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), was last week cleared of all charges relating to the kidnapping of two-month-old Kwahlelwa Tiwane from Khayelitsha on 16 January.

But Kibunda (stage name Nelly Star) says he’s traumatised after the ordeal.

“Police came to my home at 2am (on 23 January) and said they want to question me regarding an investigation. They said they were going to bring me right home. I stepped out of the house and there were 10 (police) vans,” he explained.

Kibunda claimed he was tortured at Parow police station.

“I got to the police station and I was handcuffed. They kept asking where the baby was and I didn’t know what it was about.

“The police kicked me down, wrapped a black bag around my head and kept asking, ‘Where is the baby?’.

“A cop said, ‘You guys just come here to kidnap our babies. Go back to your country’.

“I was being tortured for a crime I did not commit.”

Kibunda confirmed he was in a cyber relationship with the primary suspect in the kidnapping, Claremont High School matric pupil Karabo Tau.

Tau, 18, is accused of kidnapping the baby in Parow while pretending to be a social worker.

“I met her (Tau) via Facebook last year and we started chatting on WhatsApp. We started dating online but never met. Every time we had to meet, she had exams. I found out she cheated on me and we broke up. We only dated for a month.

Claremont High School matric pupil Karabo Tau is accused of kidnapping the baby. Picture: Robin-Lee Francke

“In November, after the break-up, we met for the first time at Gugulethu Mall and spoke about her cheating, we never got back together because I had trust issues. That was the first and last time I ever saw her.”

Only after he was arrested, did he find out Tau was in custody and what the charges were.

“I knew I had nothing to do with this and I was innocent. I heard from a cop she apparently told them she took the baby and gave the baby to me. I last had contact with her via Facebook on 10 January.”

“I don’t think she’s (Tau)capable of this. There’s more to this story. I’m happy she got bail.”

Tau was granted R2 000 bail last week.

“I spoke to Tau on Friday after her release for the first time since January. I asked her how my name came up and she said cops told her if she admits she gave the baby to a foreigner, she’ll get bail.”

Now, all Kibunda wants is to clear his name.

Kidnapping charges against Ely Kibunda were dropped. Picture: Robin-Lee Francke

“I want people to know I’m just a rapper not a kidnapper. Even though charges have been dropped, people are still looking at me funny.

“My crime in this whole thing was that I am a foreigner. I will be taking action against police for the torture and xenophobia.”

Tau will be back in court on 7 April. Meanwhile, Baby Kwahlelwa is still missing.

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