Sinoxolo Mafevuka Picture: Supplied
Cape Town – More items found at the scene where the body of Khayelitsha teen Sinoxolo Mafevuka, 19, was found have been linked to the two cousins on trial for her murder.

Brown sunglasses and a cream cardigan with glitter stripes were seen on accused, Xolisa Mafilika and Athabile Mafilika, the Western Cape High Court heard.

The 10th witness to be called to the stand on Wednesday, Nozuko Stenge, who is also the mother of Mafevuka’s close friend Aviwe Stenge, testified that she saw both accused wearing the items found at the scene.

Stenge said she had last seen Xolisa wearing the sunglasses about a month before Mafevuka’s body was found.

She was unable to recall the last time she saw the jersey worn by the accused but said it could have been a few months before the incident.

Mafevuka’s mutilated body was found in the communal toilets at the SST Block in Town Two, Khayelitsha, on March 2 last year.

A previous witness, community leader Andiswa Baba, was the first witness to link a clothing item found at the scene to the two accused.

Initially when State prosecutor Ralph Zeeman pointed out the sunglasses, Stenge was unable to identify them.

She said she had not seen them at the scene, but after having a closer look she told the court the eyewear belonged to the cousins.

“I have seen the sunglasses before worn by both the accused; they often exchange clothing,” said Stenge. She was at the scene when police found the cardigan.

“The jersey was used to cover Sinoxolo’s lifeless body,” she said.

Mornay Calitz, Xolisa’s lawyer, said his client denied owning such a jersey.

“Xolisa says you are making a mistake, like the cardigan, the sunglasses are not his and he has worn neither,” said Calitz.

Stenge responded: “That is what he says, I don’t know that.”

The defence made reference to previous testimonies that alluded to the jersey belonging to the deceased, but the witness said she had never seen the deceased wearing such a cardigan.

Stenge said the last time she saw Mafevuka was the day before her body was found. She said Mafevuka was wearing flip-flops, navy tights and a top at around 4pm on March 1, 2016.

The trial continues.

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