Convicted murderer Jason Rohde. Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town - Sentencing proceedings for convicted murderer Jason Rohde were on Wednesday postponed to December 5 to allow for preparation and presentation of the defence's case for sentence mitigation purposes.

Rohde's two twin daughters are among witnesses set to testify at the Western Cape High Court where Rohde was earlier this month found guilty of murdering his wife Susan Rohde and staging her suicide in July 2016 at a Stellenbosch hotel.

Susan Rohde’s body was found with an electronic cord wrapped around her neck and hanging from a hook behind the bathroom door of the room she shared with her husband on July 24, 2016, at the Spier Wine Estate Hotel.

On 8 November, the court found him guilty of murdering her.

"On 8 November, the court postponed the matter for sentencing and at the time, I indicated that I felt that approximately two weeks to start of this would be sufficient time for preparation and presentation of the defence’s case, visibly the issue of sentencing," defence advocate Graham van der Spuy told the court during his argument for postponement. 

"Numerous issues have risen and problems have occurred and it has become apparent that I completely underestimated some of the problems and some were really unpredictable, and we have tried to set out briefly and I am going to amplify them from my own personal knowledge, one or two aspects. We have tried to set it out briefly and critically in the affidavit to give the court an idea of the problem."

The court granted the request for postponement.

African News Agency/ANA