Jacques Kallis, sporting his new hair.
Jacques Kallis, sporting his new hair.
And the way it used to look...
And the way it used to look...

South Africa’s bowlers and fielders made short work of the Indian batting line-up in Centurion - but as much attention was reserved for Jacques Kallis’s new hairdo as for his bowling action.

The veteran all-rounder took to the damp pitch sporting a more lustrous head of hair than cricket fans have become accustomed to, and cricket fans did a double-take.

Kallis has apparently joined the ranks of Shane Warne, Graham Gooch, John Robbie, Derek Watts and Bruce Fordyce and had his head “touched on its studio” and advanced in growth.

He now sports a lush head of hair, a torrent of follicles - for the first time since he made his cricketing debut.

On Twitter, where scores of fans were tracking the first test between Indian and South Africa, the conversation turned quickly from the bowlers’ action to Kallis’s new look.

One fan directed a tweet at Proteas captain Graeme Smith: “Well played Proteas. Keep it up.

“Where did Kallis get his hair implants?”

Another wrote: “Is it just me or has Jacques Kallis suddenly got a full head of hair?

“Smells like (hair replacement therapy) to me.”

Some disapproved of the change: “Jacques Kallis has new hair! Why can’t people age with decency?” - Cape Argus