Beaufort West 13-01-2014 A young male lion that has escaped from the Karoo National Park near Beaufort West is still on the loose and has killed some of a local farmer's sheep Picture Bridgena Barnard

Cape Town - The elusive Karoo lion was still on the loose, more than two weeks since its initial escape from the Karoo National Park, and despite being spotted in a riverbed near the park on Saturday, authorities have revealed.

A tracking team from South African National Parks (SANParks) has been aided by Shimane Safaris of Botswana which has brought on board six tracking dogs, a handler and a tracker in return for payment of their fuel costs, which have been covered by volunteer organisation the Honourary Rangers.

The AISA Flight School from nearby Beaufort West has also assisted in the tracking efforts with the use of some of their light aircrafts over the past few days.

Fayroush Ludick, spokesperson for SANParks, said that the tracking dogs were sent in on Saturday to flush the escaped animal out of the riverbed, but that a specialist veterinarian was unable to get a clear enough shot in order to dart the animal.

Once captured, the lion would be taken back to the park, but would not be reunited with its former pride as it was believed the lion was driven out by older, more dominant males.

The three-year-old male lion escaped through a hole in the perimeter fence caused by flood damaged on Friday, June 5th, and has killed a number of livestock in the area.