A new water meter installed at a vacant Kuils River property.

Cape Town - A Kuils River homeowner is very angry with the City of Cape Town for installing a new water meter at his vacant property, and charging him for estimated readings.

The 46-year-old man, who asked not to be named, says the City is claiming that his old meter was faulty and needed to be replaced.

After being billed R305 every month since May - he’s paid R1525 in total - he has slammed Mayco member for Water and Waste Services, Xanthea Limberg, saying he wants proof that his old meter was broken.

He says despite his property being vacant, a City contractor showed up at his house, installed the new meter and now he gets estimated readings for water that he has not used, but for which he has to pay.

“The property has been vacant for six months. Before that, I was renting it out and I have not yet secured a new tenant,” the man explains.

“The accounts are never in arrears and there has never been a leakage.

“Then I saw there are estimated readings and when I got to the property, as I check up on it every weekend, I noticed there is a new meter.”

The man says he got a fright and a neighbour told him the City contractor arrived in May and replaced his meter.

“I noticed it was a blue cover and all of a sudden my account has been estimated and there is absolutely no water being used,” he fumes.

He queried the replacement at the municipal office where he was told by an official that because his water use was zero, they had come to the conclusion that his meter was faulty.

“They then, without contacting me, the legal owner of the property, proceeded to hack out a perfectly working meter and replace it with their new ‘improved’ one.

“They continue to estimate water readings. When I again query, they tell me that I need to register the new meter, to make it active on the system, obviously a plan hatched by chief twit Xanthea Limberg.

“Once the new meter is active, they will start to take actual readings. What, don’t they trust their own products?

“Why on earth do I need to register a product I never requested in the first place?”

The homeowner is now demanding proof that his old meter was faulty.

“The devil’s daughter, Xanthea Limberg, must be taken to task and hauled before a court of law. Surely a class action case by residents must be possible.”

The City said on Monday it is investigating the matter and “will respond soonest”.

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