Beware of additional items which may have been added to your restaurant bill without your knowledge. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - A retired couple are warning restaurant patrons to check their bill carefully before forking over their hard earned cash after they nearly had to pay R500 more than their actual lunch bill.

The couple had enjoyed an early lunch with their son and daughter-in-law at the Hussar Grill in Willowbridge, Tygervalley, and when they asked for their bill they initially did not think too much of the hefty R1 311 total.

However, the cautious couple checked the itemised bill as a routine precaution and spotted not one but THREE meals they had neither ordered nor consumed on the list.

The "extra" items on the bill were a 200g rump steak at R125  and two fillet on the bone at R185 each.

The amended bill which the couple were presented with after querying the original. Picture: Supplied.

They immediately queried it with the waiter who told them that the manager of the establishment had compiled the bill. When they spoke to the manager he offered a cursory apology and presented them with the correct bill for R816.00. The manager said he would investigate the incident.

According to Phindile Mute, the manager on duty at the time, another table's meals were inadvertently added to the party's bill and the waiter neglected to check it before presenting the invoice to the couple.

The couple, who asked not to be named, say that they have previously had a similar experience at an eatery in Cape Town's northern suburbs. They are now warning restaurant patrons to study their bill carefully before tendering payment.

The retired educators are concerned that many people may inadvertently be paying for items that they did not order because they are not being vigilant.