ANC supporters gather for the #Mandela100 celebrations on the Grand Parade in Cape Town. Picture: Henk Kruger/ANA
The ANC is commemorating the 28th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. The event, which has drawn a large crowd, takes place at the Grand Parade in Cape Town.

The commemoration forms part of the ANC's programme to mark 100 years since the birth of Nelson Mandela.

Significantly, this is the same place where Mandela gave his very first speech on his release from Victor Verster Prison. On that occasion, Cyril Ramaphosa held the microphone while the anti-apartheid icon addressed the nation.

After prayers from interfaith leaders and speeches from various dignitaries, ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to give South Africans some indication of the way forward for the country.

The past week has been mired in uncertainty after the State of the Nation Adress was postponed as ANC leaders negotiated with President Zuma to secure his exit.

Watch the live feed of the event here: