Actress Vinette Ebrahim Photo: Nokuthula Mbatha

Cape Town - Local actress Vinette Ebrahim has been called “h*tn*t”, “me!d” and “racist” by fans of singer Sunette Bridges.

The 7de Laan star commented on a Facebook post by Sunette - daughter of late Afrikaans singer Bles Bridges - about the murder stats for white South Africans in 2014.

Sunette wrote: “While the whole world is celebrating the start of a brand new year I would like you to spare a thought for the families of the 217 White South Africans who were butchered by Black Savages in 2014... [and] 3 hours into 2015 they claimed another victim…”

An angry Vinette then replied: “Well, how does it feel Sunette Bridges to be wearing the shoe that my people wore for so long?

“How does it feel to be the downtrodden minority? How does it feel to be in fear for your life on a daily basis? “How does it feel to be a second class citizen in the land of your birth...?

“You will never see freedom as you knew it again. You have made it impossible for yourself and those like you. Racists. Face the fact, ‘baasskap’ has disappeared never to re-emerge again.”

“You and Steve Hofmeyr. Your little boeremag enclave is exactly that... little.”

After Vinette’s reply, thousands of comments have been posted in response to her message, most swearing at her and urging others to boycott 7de Laan.

But Vinette has stood by her statement, telling Beeld: “20 000 people - white, black, brown, Indian - were murdered in 2014. We are all living in fear.”

Daily Voice