19 february 2015 bikers do wheelies and donuts in the middle of long street appox 23h00.

Cape Town - Bikers filmed doing doughnuts in Long Street last week are set to be charged with reckless and negligent driving by the city’s Traffic Services department.

Mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith has also asked that disciplinary action be taken against staff who did not act when they saw the bikers behaving illegally on Thursday night.

Smith wrote on Tuesday night: “After seeing the footage in the YouTube clip and not getting an explanation from the staff, I am calling for action against the staff members and for Traffic Services to lay reckless and negligent driving charges against the motorcyclists concerned.”


He initially said CCTV control room staff had watched the group, but had not launched a law enforcement response because the bikers had done “nothing that constituted a significant traffic violation”.

But after seeing the Cape Argus footage, he was “not so sure” the Freedom Riders bikers were innocent of traffic violations, and asked city officials to review their decision.

Receiving no response from control room staff, Smith on Tuesday night asked city executive director Richard Bosman to take disciplinary action against the relevant officers.

One of the riders died in a crash after the Long Street theatrics.

The Argus