Cape Town - South African Social Development Minister, Bathabile Dlamini, on Thursday, launched her department’s festive season anti-substance and alcohol abuse campaign at Nyanga Stadium in Cape Town.

"Government alone cannot be able to fight and end crime without the help from community members," Dlamini said.

The campaign is expected to promote a drug free society. Alcohol and substance abuse costs government R38 billion a year.

She handed out blankets and vegetables to the Nyanga community and provided school kids with the necessities for school such as school uniforms and packages from the South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA). 

"We need to work together in fighting crime. Here in your communities you let people sell alcohol from morning until the following day," Dlamini said.

She made it clear that the youth find themselves in an even worse situation.

"We don't want to finish Grade 12, we don't want to do things the right way and we put our lives through things that won't give us a future," said Dlamini.

She said that community committees need to stop what they see is wrong, Dlamini also made mention of adults sending children to buy their alcohol.

"That is totally unacceptable, an 18-year-old and below is not allowed to buy alcohol because you think you are just sending them to buy alcohol for you, but you are teaching them alcohol," said Dlamini.