Man survives being shot twice in the head at Cape nightclub

Club Galaxy in Rylands. Picture: Jack Lestrade

Club Galaxy in Rylands. Picture: Jack Lestrade

Published Oct 7, 2019


Cape Town - Western Cape police are investigating a shooting that took place inside Club Galaxy in the early hours of

Sunday morning.

A man was shot twice in the head when gunmen stormed into the popular Rylands nightclub shortly after 1am.

The victim, only known as “Uncle”, miraculously survived the shooting and was rushed to a hospital where he is believed to be in a stable condition.

A witness at the scene said everyone has been left traumatised.

“The shooters were in the club and were searched when they came in. Then they went out and came back in, but weren’t searched again and started shooting,” the man, speaking on condition of

anonymity, said.

According to the witness, the gunmen were targeting one of the DJs on the line-up.

“They were four at the bar watching the guy and there were two outside in the car,” he said.

“One of the DJs is the son of a man who was murdered last year and his father owned a nightclub in Eerste River.

“He came into the club with bodyguards and it made everyone very


“The guy who got shot was with this laaitie (man) who is now running his father’s business, and it’s believed he took revenge on his father’s

killers and now they are trying to take revenge on him.”

The Daily Voice has learnt that footage of the attack, recorded on the club’s

cameras, have been handed to cops.

Police spokesperson,

Captain FC van Wyk, confirmed an attempted murder case is under investigation.

“On Sunday morning at about 1am, Athlone police received a complaint of a shooting that occurred at a nightclub in College Road, Athlone.

“Upon arrival, the members were informed by security that an unknown male had been shot and injured in his head.

“The victim was taken to

hospital by members of the public. No persons were arrested.”

The general manager for Club Galaxy, Sidney

Oliver, said the club had been booked out for a private event, called “Summer Breeze, in celebration of Jovita Nel, Lyle

Marcus and Keegan Carter’s birthdays”.

The line-up included VJ Jonno, Papichulo, Wonder Brothers, DJ Randall, Kings on Decks, Okkie X Brown, DJ Ralton, Luda-Ash

and Chustar.

“We had a fundraiser by an organisation which booked the club for the first time,” said Oliver.

“There were 80 people in the venue because they only sold 80 tickets.

“The organisers brought their own DJs, and the people who hired the venue had control over the door.”

He said it appears someone gained entrance into the club without being searched.

“When the incident

happened, security calmed everyone. There was no chaos and the matter was handled professionally,” added Oliver.

“Police were on the scene almost immediately.”

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