Police Minister Fikile Mbalula and Michelle Klaasen on a walk-about in Manenberg. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - The police minister may need to hire extra cops after he revealed he is being “stalked” on social media.

Minister Fikile Mbalula says he was forced to block a Manenberg woman on WhatsApp after she sent him “funny sexual overtures”.

The revelation comes after Michelle Klaasen, 43, contacted the Daily Voice to complain about Mbalula “breaking his promises” to her.

She says "Mr Razzmatazz" promised to assist her with a problem - but ended up blocking her on WhatsApp.

Klaasen, from Joyce Court, says she first approached Mbalula on October 13, when he came to do a walkabout in the gang-ravaged area.

“I told him I am the woman who was in the Daily Voice after a policeman shot me in Inga Court in September. I also told him about the follow-up article about cops coming to harass me at my home after the articles. He was very sympathetic and told me to take his number and we could liaise on WhatsApp,” Klaasen explains.

Cops allegedly fired teargas and rubber bullets into a crowd of residents who were accusing them of not tackling the skollies who had been shooting up the area for days. Two people were killed over that weekend.

The single mother says when she messaged Mbalula, he asked her for more details.

Picture: Supplied

The Daily Voice is in possession of screenshots of the conversation.

Klaasen says: “When I messaged him, I sent him the photo I had taken of us that day so that he knew who I was, and he said ‘okay mummie’. I told him I’m even going for trauma counselling and he told me: ‘Will help you, gimme a week’. He was sympathetic.

“After the 14th of October I no longer received responses from him, but I could see he read my messages. On the 24th I saw that he had blocked me.

“I feel so disrespected. I am a civilian and for someone in his position to go back on his word... he was someone who one trusted.”

On Thursday the Daily Voice contacted Mbalula, who answered his phone and whispered: “I’m in Parliament, can’t speak now.”

He said the reporter could text the query, and replied that he blocked Michelle for a reason.

Mbalula texted: “I gave her my number because I was touched by her story. She seized to address the matter and she was making funny sexual overtures to me so I blocked her. [sic]”

But Klaasen says the police minister is a liar.

“Sy ma se moer. Hy sal al daai k** praat om homself te beskerm,” Klaasen scold.

“My goeie God. Mag God hom hard straf.” (Good God. May God punish him.)