Muslim Judicial Council asks moulana to apologise over ’uncouth and degrading’ viral video

Wedding rings

Wedding rings

Published Aug 16, 2020


Cape Town - The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has expressed concern after a moulana posted a video on social media using uncouth and degrading language towards women.

In the video Moulana Dawood Sampson talks about his upcoming marriage to his second wife and says: “My dear friends in Islam, as I told the men, if there is men that still got it, go and propose and get yourself a lovebird. Like a cock have two or three hens, come on men, we are cocks maybru (sic), and get those hens inshallah.”

Sampson also states that “a wife is cute when she is mute and a husband is honey when he gives money”.

The MJC said: “At the outset we acknowledge the provisions, both within Sharia and South African law, that permits polygamous marriages. These marriages are allowed within context and under relevant criteria.

“However, we are deeply concerned at the wording and content of the posted message. The references made to women during the recording even though unintended are unfortunate.

“We reaffirm the sacred trust in which women are held within Islam and consequently the duty of protection and dignity of women must be upheld at all times. The duty to uphold this is even more significant as we as nation celebrate Women's Month and the recognition of the selfless and invaluable contributions made by women to South Africa,” the MJC said.

The MJC’s leadership said it has engaged with Dawood and highlighted its concerns and disappointment in the post.

“Even though the statement may not have been intended to harm or denigrate women, the consequences have affected many in our community. We have therefore requested of Moulana Sampson to issue an immediate withdrawal and apology of the statements in his post, to which he has agreed.”

Sampson has since posted a new video apologising.

“Sometimes it is not good to say things in jest. Please accept my heartfelt and humble apology,” he said.


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