Robyn-Leigh Nolte said her ex-boyfriend whose dad was allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend and father of her child.

Cape Town - “He threatened me and told me I will feel what it’s like to be without a daddy because I don’t want him to see his child.”

These were the words of Robyn-Leigh Nolte, 20, whose dad was allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend and father of her child.

Dad of two, Rodney Roberts, 45, from Rocklands, Mitchells Plain, was slashed once in the neck with a knife.

Cops did not respond to queries but witnesses, the family and a police source says the 23-year-old suspect was arrested at the scene.

The source says the suspect is known to be a American’s gang member.

Rodney’s wife, Estelle, 42, says their daughter’s ex had been threatening them.

“He wants Robyn, but she doesn’t want to be with him and he can’t accept that so he comes here nearly every day to fight with us to get to her,” she says.

“My daughter and the suspect has a seven-month-old baby girl together and he always uses the excuse to see his baby but that’s not it, he wants Robyn and she doesn’t want to be with him.

“Robyn and the suspect were supposed to appear in court in April this year because she took out an interdict against him.”

Estelle says the suspect started provoking her husband on Monday morning.

“He was shouting at us outside our home, it was before 8am, my husband got up out of bed and took a wooden plank to hit him,” she explains.

“Rodney hit him once against his hip and then he stabbed Rodney in the neck.

“I stood there watching in shock, Rodney managed to walk away but soon collapsed as blood poured from his neck.”

Estelle says her husband was popular in their neighbourhood as he was always ready to assist people.

“He was always willing to do everything for everyone,” she cries.

“He was a tiler by profession and so you can go into anyone’s home around here and see his good work. We will really miss him.”

Robyn says it’s not the first time her ex attacked her dad.

“He previously stabbed my daddy in the ear on 14 December but my dad refused to go to the hospital for that,” she says.

“It continued with him threatening that I will “feel what it’s like to be without a father because my child is growing up without a father”.

“Now he really did it, I can’t believe my daddy is gone.”

Robyn says her ex is an Americans gang member.

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