Baleka Zwane Picture: LULELWA MBADAMANE
Cape Town - The family of a mother who was found dead while her four-year-old child was with her believe she was killed for her Sassa social grant money.

Cops are now awaiting the post-mortem report to determine if Miriam Baba, 36, had any internal injuries.

Police were called to Miriam’s home in Sithathu Avenue in Mau-Mau, Nyanga, on Sunday where she was found lying dead next to her bed.

Miriam’s mother, Baleka Zwane, 56, says she believes her daughter was murdered for her grant money.

Miriam’s three children are between the ages of four and 19 years old.

Baleka says a male friend visited her home on Sunday after 3 am claiming he could not get the door open and later asked for a crowbar to force it open.

“He came back later crying, saying I must go and look. I was too scared and let my neighbours go,” she says.

Shocked neighbours at the scene in Nyanga.
Shocked neighbours at the scene in Nyanga. Picture: LULELWA MBADAMANE

“I went later and found that the four-year-old had been inside the house and when people came to the door, he said he could not wake his mommy.”

Baleka believes Miriam was killed for her grant money: “This male person would always argue with her about her Sassa when it’s Sassa time and he wanted the money.”

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says a post-mortem needs to be conducted to determine what happened to Miriam.

“An inquest docket was opened after the woman was found dead with no visible injuries, lying on her back next to her bed in Third Avenue, Mau-Mau,” he said.

“We are awaiting autopsy results.”

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