A Mitchells Plain high school won’t allow a Grade 12 boy to attend his end-of-year ball. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - A Grade 12 boy at a Mitchells Plain high school has been banned from his matric ball over his hair.

The 18-year-old who attends Rocklands High School was also denied access to his valedictory three weeks ago because of his high-top fader.

His parents Mark and Carmen Rosseau say they are at their wits’ end trying to get the principal “to see reason” after they trimmed his hair.

“My son worked hard the entire year and deserved to have a farewell he would enjoy. He was growing his hair because of the ball,” the dad says.

“First, he was locked out of his valedictory three weeks ago and as if that was not enough, last week the school ruled that he and 12 other learners would not be attending the ball either. This is so unfair,” he says.

The family have already bought his suit for the matric ball. Picture: Supplied

He says his son is so depressed about missing the highlight of his school career that he fears it is impacting on his final exams.

“He just started writing matric exams. He goes into that class every time knowing he will not be going to his matric ball,” says Mark.

“My son apologised to his teachers as well.”

The family have already bought his suit for the matric ball and made preparations for his table on 28 November.

“I don’t think it is fair, they should at least consider how this will impact their exams,” the upset dad says.

The Daily Voice contacted the principal, Mr Pelston, but he was not available and did not respond to requests for comment.

Spokesperson for the Western Cape Education Department, Bronagh Hammond, says the principal has had numerous meetings with the boy’s parents this year about his hair.

“While the learner is in Grade 12, he is still registered as a learner of the school and therefore still has to abide by the school's code of conduct.

“He was in contravention of the school's code of conduct, and as a result, was told that he cannot attend the matric valedictory or farewell.

“The school is well within their rights to do so. The principal is set to do an assessment of the boy’s cut and will engage with his parents in this regard,” Hammond said.

But Mark says the principal is being heavy-handed and should listen to reason.

“Every time the school has sent letters for him to cut it, I would trim it down,” he says.

“He has now again cut his hair to meet their standards and I am begging the principal to see me, but he is never available.”

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