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Cape Town - More than 1353 Mandrax tablets and 14kg of dagga were among the many items seized by the Western Cape police during festive season operations across the province.

The operations began on Thursday evening and continued into Sunday morning and saw raids, roadblocks and vehicle checkpoints carried out and all aimed at ensuring the safety of locals and visitors.

Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk in a statement said the operations saw more than eight people arrested, drugs and alcohol seized as well as the recovery of firearms and ammunition.

"In a roadblock on Saturday evening on the N1 outside the Huegenot Tunnel, two arrests were made and 601 mandrax tablets and 820 grams of tik confiscated.

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"In several operations held in Atlantis a total of seven unlicensed firearms were recovered where six arrests were made."

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Meanwhile, in Vredenburg an assortment of drugs including cocaine, tik and mandrax tablets were seized and numerous arrests made while in the Worcester cluster, an operation held in Ceres resulted in the seizure of 115 litres of liquor from an unlicensed liquor outlet.

Other items seized include: 

- 13 Firearms seized

-  354 Ammunition 

- 129 Dangerous Weapons

- 1353 Mandrax tablets

- 51 grams Heroine 

- 219 grams Cocaine

- 14kg Dagga

- 1.8 kg Tik and;

- 29 898 litres of liquor from unlicensed shebeens

"With the holiday season well underway, more operations are set to continue in an effort to secure safety for all," Van Wyk said in conclusion.