Cape Town 140901- Four Golden arrow buses were set alight in the early morning of today. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Murray

Johannesburg -

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters on Monday condemned the burning of Golden Arrow buses during a protest in Cape Town.

“Commuting members of the public who use these services regularly as well as other members of society using transport and services in the area were affected by these acts of destruction,” Peters said in a statement.

“We condemn this type of behaviour very strongly - it is not taking us forward and it must be frowned upon by all who have concern for the safe travel of passengers and drivers as well as society and property at large.”

Taxi drivers were believed to be behind the protest that left seven buses burnt and four others badly damaged.

Eleven bus drivers were assaulted at and near the Nyanga Bus Terminus.

Peters urged the leadership of the parties involved to act with speed in finding solutions and addressing problems.

“The safety of the drivers and passengers is paramount and this must be protected and guaranteed at all times,” she said.

Peters urged law enforcement agencies to deal decisively with those behind the destruction. - Sapa