STASH: Drugs found in kitchen in Skoonsig Street
STASH: Drugs found in kitchen in Skoonsig Street
TAKEN: 59-year-old was caught with dagga in raids in Delft over the weekend
TAKEN: 59-year-old was caught with dagga in raids in Delft over the weekend
RAID: Law Enforcement, Metro & traffic cops combined
RAID: Law Enforcement, Metro & traffic cops combined
Cape Town - A elderly Delft woman was one of three people arrested in drug and shebeen raids over the weekend.

Despite protesting to her family and neighbours in Skoonsig Avenue, the 59-year-old was loaded into a police van while still wearing her swirlkous.

Daily Voice joined the City of Cape Town Neighbourhood Safety Teams (NSTs) on an operation focusing on drug and liquor outlets on Friday and Saturday.

The teams which consist of Law Enforcement, Metro Police and Traffic officers is part of a R20-million plan to combat crime in Delft.

Shortly after 8pm, officers took to the streets to execute search warrants at various well-known drug spots.

In Poproos Crescent, a family was surprised when officers arrive to inform them there was allegedly drugs on the property.

The woman who identified herself as the housewife insisted that her 19-year-old son no longer did drugs because he has a medical condition but she was quickly silenced when officers found a parcel of dagga hidden in his wardrobe.

“Ja, mevrou kry sy skoene, hy gaan stasie toe," [Yes, get his shoes, he's going to the police station] an officer told her.

Following the teen’s arrest, cops received a tip-off about a Rasta selling dagga in Skoonsig Avenue.

The man lives in a Wendy house behind his mother-in-law’s house and officers were surprised when the friendly man invited them in.

“Hello meneer, kom maar binne, hier is niks, ons zeng net hier,” [Hello sir, come in. There is nothing here, we're only drinking alcohol] he said.

The team searched both homes but came up empty.

However, neighbours were convinced the drugs were in the main house where the arrested ouma lives and Metro Police sniffer dogs were brought in.

Within minutes, a Sable German shepherd named Shadow found five bags of “expensive” dagga hidden in a kitchen cupboard.

“Nee meneer, dis nie myne nie. [No, sir. It's not mine] I work for my money, I char in Muizenberg,” said the frightened woman.

Her arrest caused an argument with neighbours, who called on the Rasta to admit he hid the drugs in the woman’s house, but he denied it.

“God sien vir julle [God sees you], and I want you gone when I come back,” she told the Rasta as she was taken away.

Throughout the night, six more drug spots were searched and 10 shebeens were checked for compliance. Fines worth R3 300 was issued.

Mayco member for safety and security, JP Smith, says since December the NSTs have made steady progress as they are focused on one area.

“They are making steady progress but this project costs money so when the draft budget comes out I call on residents who want NST teams in their communities to make submissions,” Smith said.

“The Philippi precinct is in dire need of more resources so we can keep places like Hanover Park under control.”