Audi crashed into Kraaifontein family’s home
Audi crashed into Kraaifontein family’s home

PICS: Lucky escape for teen as car crashes into Cape family's home for 8th time

By Solly Lottering Time of article published Dec 18, 2019

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Cape Town - A family from Scottsville in Kraaifontein has had EIGHT cars crash into their home already.

Dad Shaun Clayford, 42, says he’s been begging authorities to install speed bumps in Morgenster and Milton streets for years, but to no avail.

In the latest incident on Friday night, a car crashed through the wall of his daughter’s bedroom while she lay sleeping in her bed.

Luckily, 13-year-old Nikita was not injured, but the silver Audi A3 is a write-off.

Shaun says padvarke (road pigs) have no respect for anyone and constantly speed down the road at all hours of the day and night.

He says it’s a miracle no one in his family has been killed yet.

Shaun Clayford and Nikita.

“The authorities must really step in now. This is the eighth time that a speeding car has hit my home,” he says.

“It happens every time some speedster comes chasing down Morgenster Road, misjudges the turn into Milton Street and loses control of the car and hits my house, which is on the corner.

“There are no road signs to indicate a sharp turn ahead.

Inside the damaged home.

“I believe speed bumps will stop them from speeding.

“I mean, we cannot even feel safe in our own home.

“My daughter was already sleeping when that Audi hit her bedroom. It’s a miracle that the car didn’t hit her or that any of the bricks fell on her.

“Nikita usually likes to chop and change the furniture in her room, and usually her bed would be in front of the window, exactly where the car hit.

Audi crashed into Kraaifontein family’s home


“It’s through the grace of God that she was unharmed.

“I heard that car speeding and I heard it hit my home. Our whole house shook. It felt like an earthquake.”

He says he has spoken to the owner of the car, Henry Franke, whose son was the driver.

“Now the wall has to be repaired. But we sorted it all out, they will pay for the repairs,” says Shaun.

Henry says his son, Devin, was driving and had three friends with him: “The one girl injured her ankle, but otherwise they are all fine.

Car owner Henry Franke and Shaun.

“I am happy that Shaun is willing to sort it out and there’s no bad blood.”

The matter was not reported to the police.

The Daily Voice asked the City of Cape Town for comment on the matter on Tuesday afternoon, but it said it needed more time.

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