Delft mom found dough thermometer battery in her bread. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - A Cape Flats mom has slammed a Delft bakery for not taking action after she allegedly found a battery in her bread.

Mom of three, Neliswa Matakane, 45, says in January she went to Gugulethu Spar where she bought three loaves of Golden Crust bread for R7.99 each.

The next day as she rushed to make lunch for her children she got a fright when she saw the battery.

“The two slices were under the other slices and as I picked it up I saw this thing,” she says.

“First I thought it was a raisin and joked with my daughter that I am going to eat raisin bread. Then I saw it was a silver metal thing and looks like a watch battery. I was so shocked.”

She returned the bread to Spar, but the manager advised her to go to Golden Crust.

She says she contacted the bakery and a representative called her back.

“I sent him the receipts and the pictures and he told me he would come see me the Thursday,” she says.

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“Then he said he can’t come because he wanted to watch SONA [State of the Nation Address] and I told him he is not taking me seriously. He came the next day and asked for the bread, but I told him no because it is my evidence. Then he asked me what I want and offered me seven loaves of bread.”

She says after several weeks the man has not responded to her.

Neliswa Matakane Picture: Supplied

Golden Crust distribution manager, Sedick Arendse, confirms they received and investigated the complaint.

“Yes, we investigated it and it appears to be a dough thermometer battery.

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“We’ve not received the bread from the complainant in order to have it tested in a laboratory and therefore cannot confirm that it is indeed our bread. We [are] busy introducing metal detectors to eliminate it as remedial action,” he says.

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