Elsies River residents and family of missing 3-year-old Courtney Peters have accused police of not taking leads about her whereabouts seriously. Picture: Skyler Reid.
Cape Town – Enraged Elsies River residents and the family of missing 3-year-old Courtney Peters have accused the Elsies River police of not taking leads about the whereabouts of the child seriously.

This claim comes after police apparently made them wait for more than an hour when they called them as a lead was followed up at Napier Court, Clarke Estate.

Emotionally exhausted, Courtney’s mother, Juanita Peters, said: “I’m very unhappy with the way police are handling this matter, because every time they would come to me looking for leads."

“Aren’t they the ones who are supposed to bring me information (regarding the case)? They’re not doing much, in my opinion. My child has been missing for seven days and they are just not getting anywhere."

“I don’t even know if I should still co-operate with them, because I seem to be getting assistance from everyone but the police.”

She said even with the information regarding the new lead, she heard it from other people.

“Roegshanda Pascoe and the rest of the neighbourhood watch arrived here on Wednesday and immediately got leads, but the police say they’ve not made any headway.”

Courtney Peters disappeared from her Elsies River home. She was last seen at about 8am in Pluto Street.

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