Police have arrested a man who they say has been abusing animals and the SPCA called on the public not to buy puppies sold on the street.

Cape Town - Cops have nabbed a “serial puppy seller” who they say has been abusing animals.
The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is now calling on the public not to buy puppies being sold on the street.

They say these animals are often neglected and are taken away from their mothers at a very young age.

Last week police made a breakthrough when they arrested a man who is known for allegedly mistreating the puppies he sells around Cape Town.

The SPCA says dog lovers and animal rights organisations had been lobbying for months for the suspect to be arrested.

They have been taking photographs of him with puppies he was trying to sell on street corners, and posted the images on Facebook.

Police have arrested a man who they say has been abusing animals.

The man was arrested on 27 February in Sea Point by a cop who had been watching him for months.

The suspect will appear in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, says the suspect was found to be keeping animals in “dirty/parasitic conditions” and he is currently in custody at Pollsmoor Prison.

On the Cape of Good Hope SPCA Facebook page, Jo Orr-Bosman said the Anti-Animal Trafficking Team from Awareness of Animal Trafficking CT assisted in the arrest.

“There are no dogs being bred at his home. He randomly sourced his supply from all over the place. The investigation is still under way,” she wrote.

Belinda Abraham of the SPCA warned people not to buy puppies on the street.

“The SPCA has been meeting with relevant Law Enforcement officials in connection with this case. [A] puppy in [his possession during the arrest] was removed by the SPCA and has already been rehomed."

“The issue of puppy hawking needs to be taken very seriously. This is not just the exploitation of vulnerable animals, but also the cruel treatment thereof when puppies are removed from their mothers too young or are sold to emotionally blackmailed animal lovers in dehydrated, sick and suffering conditions.”

She urged people to notify the SPCA of puppy hawkers, by calling 021 700 4158/9 or 083 3261 604 after hours.