INCIDENT: Vicious attack at Woltemade

Cape Town - A policeman was nearly killed by two evil thugs who bludgeoned him with a hammer and then stole his firearm.

The incident, which was caught on security cameras, happened in broad daylight at a Cape Town train station in front of several school children.

Police say the constable, who is attached to the Rapid Rail Response Unit, was also stabbed in the incident at Woltemade station at about 8am on Monday.

Miraculously, the cop survived the attack, and is currently recovering in hospital where he is in a serious but stable condition.

Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut says no arrests have been made.

“This office can confirm that an attack on a police member on Monday at around 8:05am at Woltemade railway station is under investigation after two suspects assaulted a police constable and robbed him of his firearm. No one has been arrested as yet,” Traut said.

In the 48-second video, three school pupils are seen walking towards a tunnel, with the officer alongside them, about to pass.

The first suspect, dressed in a brown jacket and white cap, walks up to the officer and hits him over the head with a hammer.

The hammer falls on the ground, and the three schoolboys, witnessing the attack, run away.

A second suspect, also wearing a dark brown jacket and white hat, picks up the hammer and approaches the two men wrestling on the ground.

He then starts hitting the officer multiple times with the hammer.

As the first suspect struggles to grab the firearm, the second suspects continues beating the officer with the hammer.

They eventually grab the gun and run, however, suspect number one comes back for his cap which had fallen off.

Metrorail's Riana Scott says they will work closely with police to catch the suspects.

“We are shocked at the sheer brutality of the incident and condemn such barbaric behaviour,” she says.

“Details are sketchy at this stage but our Protection Services team is cooperating with the Rapid Rail Response Unit to investigate the incident.”