Pregnant woman shot in Hanover Park drive-by shooting

By Monique Duval/Daily Voice Time of article published Jul 6, 2020

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Panic spread across Hanover Park on Sunday after a young pregnant mom and her uncle were shot in a drive-by shooting shortly after 5am.

The distraught family of Anneline Louw, 27, say they are worried sick about her baby after she was shot multiple times.

Sister Carmen, 38, said shortly after 5am, she was in her home in Surwood Walk when she heard a volley of gunshots being fired followed by the screams.

“Anneline walked with her uncle Mario, 43, to the shop because he was on his way to work in Tokai and she was saying goodbye to him when they got shot,” she says.

“It was my uncle’s birthday [yesterday], but he said he is still going to work and she walked with him just till by the shop when the skote (shots) went off.”

Residents say Anneline and Mario were a few metres away from home when gunmen jumped out of a silver VW Polo and opened fire on them.

Witnesses claim the woman’s bulging belly did nothing to deter the heartless gangsters.

“Hulle het gesien sy is swanger maar hulle skiet nog altyd vir haar. Klomp varke wat hulle is,” (They could see that she was pregnant yet they still shot her. They are pigs.) said a man who asked not to be named.

Carmen said she was called to a neighbour’s yard where Anneline and Mario ran to hide from the shooters.

“They ran in here and when I got here, there was blood all over. My sister was screaming in pain and we couldn’t even see where she was shot,” she said.

“The neighbours took her to Heideveld [Emergency Centre] and all they told me is that I can’t come in.

“I sat there the whole morning waiting and begged them to tell me if her baby girl is OK and they said the baby is stable, but she is in a critical condition and Mario was also going to be sent to another hospital for surgery.

“I am vrek (very) worried because she is supposed to give birth now in July.”

Police spokesperson Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana confirms: “According to information a woman and a man were walking in Surwood Walk when unknown suspects in a vehicle shot and wounded them.

“Both victims were transported to a medical facility for treatment. Cases of attempted murder were opened for investigation.

“Anyone with information is asked to call Philippi SAPS on 021 690 1505.

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