Reverend June Major says she has become a victim of cyber bullying, after someone commented that she dressed like a "cheapy" because of this Facebook picture in which she is wearing a sleeveless dress.

Cape Town - The reverend who is at loggerheads with ministers of the Anglican Church says she has become a victim of cyber-bullying.

A woman has posted photos of Reverend June Dolley-Major on Facebook, accusing her of dressing like a “cheapy” and lying about being a sex attack victim.

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June hit the spotlight two weeks ago when she went on a hunger strike outside the offices of the Anglican Church in Woodstock to protest against alleged unfair practices against her.

The cleric accused her former employer, Bishop Garth Counsell, of badmouthing her to a potential new employer in Australia.

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She also claimed that she was nearly raped by a reverend, whose name she publicly revealed at a press conference last week.

The sexual harassment case is currently under investigation, while the accused, who has not been arrested, told the Daily Voice the allegations “were all nonsense”.

Now June says a woman named Salma Hayat has accused her of “asking for rape” because of the way she dresses.

Posting two photos of the reverend wearing revealing sleeveless blouses, Hayat wrote:

“Priest or Stripper what is your REV JUNE DOLLEY”.

In another lengthy post, she writes: “This is Your Priest a Supposed to be Leader in the Church she claimed sexually harassment ... Now tell me how come a priest dress like a cheapy...also the Rev was remarkably strong after her Fake Hunger Strike....Real victims of rape and Unemployment are daily suffering Does the Media care Do u Care. rev June has the wrong PRoffession She are not fit to be a PRIEST she should be an Actress. (sic)”

Responding on her own Facebook page with the photos, Rev June said: “I’m a priest, but I am also a woman. Salma says that I am a stripper and not a priest and therefore deserve being raped. I pray for this person who justifies rape by the fact that I wear summer dresses…”

The reverend believes Salma Hayat is a fake Facebook account, set up by someone she knows.

But she says the hateful comments will not stop her crusade for the truth to prevail.

“I finally found the courage to speak out about a wrong done to me. Women all over the world suffer in silence for the fear of being ridiculed in this exact way. Fear of being rejected is what keeps us silent. I will be silent no more,” she says.

Meanwhile Bishop Counsell is yet to respond to media queries.

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