Jeffrey Zetler, a prominent strawberry farmer in South Africa was stabbed and killed in his Stellenbosch home on Saturday.
JOHANNESBURG - Jeffrey Zetler, a prominent strawberry farmer in South Africa, was stabbed and killed during an alleged robbery at his Stellenbosch home on Saturday. 

Zetler was reportedly transporting his workers home after paying them their salaries when the attack occurred. 

Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk explained the sequence of events. 

"He was driving the vehicle with employees at the back when they reached the farm gate. The victim [then] exited the vehicle in order to open the gate. 

"The witness noticed a white Toyota Quantum following them before two unidentified males approached him and one of them brandished a firearm while the other wielded a knife." 

Van Wyk further explained that: "T he suspects threatened the victims and instructed them to get off the vehicle. They then instructed the deceased to go to the office where they demanded the keys to the safe and that he must unlock the door".

The suspects then proceeded to rob Zetler of his property before stabbing him and  fleeing the scene. 

Paramedics arrived at the scene shortly after 4.30pm, where they found a member of a security company performing CPR on Zetler.

"Paramedics found that the man was stabbed with an unknown object in his chest. ER24 continued resuscitating the man, but unfortunately, shortly afterwards the man succumbed to his injuries.

"The exact circumstances surrounding the incident were not known to our paramedics, but the police were on the scene for further investigations," ER24 spokesperson Ineke van Huyssteen said. 

Police confirmed that a business robbery and murder case was registered for investigation.

62-year-old Zetler's Mooiberge strawberry farm supplied Woolworths and Pick n Pay. 

Zetler began farming with grapes, vegetables, and strawberries, according to a report by Jewish Life. 

Numerous tweets also confirmed Zetler's death. 

Jeffrey Zetler from Mooiberge Strawberry farm, Stellenbosch murdered today. Another senseless killing in the murder capital of the world. #farmmurders #afriforum @kalliekriel @ErnstRoets @steve_hofmeyr @DarkApproaching @king_m2 @RationalGent @iWebPaul @TonySantanaZA

— The Afrikaner (@MarthinusS) June 23, 2018

Well known farmer Jeffrey Zetler from Mooiberge Strawberry farm, was stabbed to death in my town yesterday

We need a paramilitary force now!

— Rational Gent 🇿🇦 (@RationalGent) June 24, 2018

Stellenbosch strawberry farmer Jeffrey Zetler was murdered under extraordinary suspicious circumstances on his farm yesterday morning. Generations of the Zetler family have been synonymous with strawberry farming along the picturesque Annandale Road near Lyndoch, Stellenbosch.

— Gregory Harington (@AskGregory) June 24, 2018

Jeffrey Zetler, a prominent strawberry farmer in South Africa was stabbed and killed in his Stellenbosch home on Saturday.