Ebrahim Rasool. Photo: Brenton Geach

Former premier Ebrahim Rasool, the South African ambassador to Washington, believes he was axed as Western Cape premier because of his race.

This is according to the latest Wikileaks document on South Africa to be leaked, an Afrikaans newspaper has reported.

The report says that the ANC national leadership was “growing tired of the preferential treatment given to the large coloured and Muslim communities in the Western Cape”.

It is believed that this latest Wikileaks document could play a role in this year’s municipal election battle.


The report said the cable contains details of a meeting between the US ambassador, Donald Gips, Rasool and his adviser, Tahir Saleh, at a time when, according to the document, Rasool was ready to step aside for the appointment of his successor, Lynne Browne.

Rasool mentioned that some ANC leaders were growing suspicious because of increasing Muslim investment in the Western Cape.

The cable adds that Rasool said he had also erred by trying to have his political enemies in the provincial cabinet kept in check.

This weekend Rasool’s office in Washington DC could not be reached for comment.

An ANC spokesman, Mandla Dlamini, said the government would like Rasool to explain himself.

“The ANC does not axe people because of their race but on whether or not they are competent to carry out the job or do what is required of the position they are in,” he said. - Weekend Argus