OKAY: Tamieka Marks, 15, was found in Kalksteenfontein
Cape Town - After widespread panic and a 24-hour search, an “abducted” Bishop Lavis teen was found safe and sound on Tuesday.

Concerned residents and the family of Tamieka Marks, 15, launched a massive search for the girl after she failed to return home on Monday afternoon.

A frantic voice note shared by her distraught mother, Freda Marks, went viral on social media, in which she says her daughter had “woken up” in an unknown and dark room.

The mom had apparently sent the teen a message on her cellphone to ask where she was and said she received a shocking reply.

On the eight-second voice note, Freda says: “Bid net vir Tamieka. Sy het nou reply toe sê sy sy is in ’* donker kamer. Sy weet nie waar sy is nie. Hulle het haar gekidnap en sy het nou net wakker geskrik.” (Just pray for Tamieka. She just replied and said she's in a dark room. She doesn't know where she is. They kidnapped her and she woke up).

According to her aunt, Karin Esau, 45, Tamieka was picked up by her school transport and dropped at the school, Goodwood College, but wasn’t in class.

“The school’s security camera shows her getting out of the transport at 7.58am. She could be seen walking to one side and then the camera loses sight of her. She never made it to class,” the distraught aunt said

Captain FC van Wyk says Freda reported her daughter missing on Monday at 3.30pm.

“After consultation, a docket of abduction was opened for investigation,” he explains.

“The mother said she (Tamieka) sent her a message to say she is in a dark room at an unknown address.”

Neighbours and family searched throughout the night.

On Tuesday morning, a member for the family’s church said Tamieka was a good girl.

“On Sunday, Tamieka still stood up and came [forward] for prayer in church.”

On Monday at 3pm, Tamieka was found at a friend’s home in Kalksteenfontein.

“She was found safe and unharmed,” her aunt, Karin, said.

“We found her in Kalksteenfontein at her friend’s home where we had searched for her on Monday. She is currently at the hospital with her mother and as the family we are just thankful for her safe return.”

Van Wyk confirmed the teen was found and says police are investigating circumstances surrounding the alleged abduction.

“The 15-year-old missing girl was found unharmed in Kalksteenfontein. No arrests have been made.”