Claim for Rene-Tracy Roman still not honoured. Picture: Supplied

Cape Town - The family of a murdered Lavender Hill girl are waiting for over two years for her funeral policy to pay out the R7500 owed to them.

Chrissandre Jacobs, 31, mother of 13-year-old Rene-Tracy Roman, says she has been given the run-around by Emerald Life, Funeral Insurance and Wealth Creator.

The Bellville-based company made headlines in the Daily Voice earlier this week for failing to pay for the funeral of Emile Emmanuel Jacobs last month.

Emile, 35, died in April 2018 near Woodstock Train Station and his body lay unidentified for 8 months in the morgue.

Emerald would not disburse because “the claim was submitted late”.

Debits made, Chrissandre Jacobs still waits for policy payout. Picture: Bertram Malgas

Rene disappeared on 10 March 2017 and 11 days later, her half-naked body was found hidden in a Wendy house at the back of her murderer’s girlfriend’s house.

In August, Andrew Plaatjies, 51, was sentenced to two life terms for her murder and attempted rape in the Western Cape High Court.

The family of a murdered Lavender Hill girl are waiting for over two years for her funeral policy to pay out the R7500 owed to them. Picture: Bertram Malgas

A still-grieving Chrissandre explains: “I opened the policy in 2015 and covered my entire family, including my mother. The consultants came to our door and said if anyone passes away, the payout would be immediate.”

The unemployed mother of four says Emerald Life has been deducting R118 a month from her Sassa money.

“I am paying R118 a month which is R96 for the direct family premium and R22 for the extended family premium. The money is being debited from the social grant monies I receive,” she explains.

“After Rene’s death and her funeral, I took the death certificate to them. They understood and asked for my banking details to pay the monies in immediately, but they never did.”

“We emailed and got no response. When I call, they either place me on hold or transfer me, but no one can help.

“I have told Emerald to stop the debits as soon as they started giving me the run-around.

“Yet, every month they deduct the monies from the grant. I don’t understand what is the problem.”

Compliance Executive for Emerald Life, Muller van Staden, confirms Chrissandre is a policy holder, but would not divulge details of her policy.

“Currently we are in the process of contacting the client to try and sort this matter out,” he says. “Unfortunately, due to confidentiality, I am not at liberty to discuss details of this case with any third parties.”

“We are fully committed to, at all times, adhere to the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) measures prescribed by the regulating authorities.

“I trust that you understand our position and that you will allow us the opportunity to bring this situation to conclusion in the best interest of Ms. Jacobs.”

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