Cape Town - 121230 - The Moonlight Mass of the year saw hundreds of cyclists take to the streets of Cape Town on the last full moon of the 2012. PICTURE: CANDICE CHAPLIN.

Cape Town - The revolution is one year old – and guerrillas celebrated yet again under Friday night’s full moon.

Which revolution?

The two-wheeled one, of course – Cape Town’s Moonlight Mass bicycle ride under the fat full moon.

It was on a similarly beautiful summer’s evening – around a year ago – that Daniel Graham said to his mate Elad Kirshenbaum: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if we rode our bikes along the promenade at night when its a full moon?” Kirshenbaum had replied: “Okay, lets do it!”

They turned to Twitter, tweeted the time and date and waited patiently to see who would join them on their debut #moonlightmass in January 2012.

If they were surprised at the turn-out of several hundred fellow cyclists, then Friday’s turn-out must have overwhelmed them, as thousands turned out for the final ride of 2012.

Among the “mass” of riders who arrived at the starting point, the concourse beneath the Greenpoint traffic circle, was Cape Town Partnership CEO Andrew Boraine, who said: “This is awesome – it’s my first ride!”

The mass of riders meandered down to the V&A Waterfront, along Beach Road to Mouille Point, up to Main Road in Greenpoint, along Somerset Road, across the Buitengracht an into the revel capital, Long Street.

Party rockers, clubbers and boozers lined the street and hung off balconies whooping the riders welcome, as they commandeered both lanes in a two-wheeled display of people power, before ending at Greenmarket Square, where many riders popped in to the Central Methodist Mission church for coffee and chocolate mini-muffins.

So what is this revolution’s goal?

Turning Cape Town into the safest cycle town on the planet, of course.

Cape Argus