RMF activist condemns ‘expulsion tactic’

File picture: David Ritchie

File picture: David Ritchie

Published Dec 11, 2015


Cape Town - A Prominent Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) member from UCT faces expulsion and the prospect of not graduating this year due to his alleged involvement in a #FeesMustFall protest.

Social Science student Mohammed Jameel Abdulla has been hauled before a student disciplinary tribunal, charged with allegedly facilitating and engaging in the disruption of exams at UCT’s Sports Centre on November 16.

Abdulla, who is RMF’s social media manager, has denied the charges, saying they are politically motivated and that he has been singled out because of the role he plays within RMF.

“I have been involved in planning protests at UCT this year and the university management is aware of this. The fact that they are bringing these charges against me now and preventing me from graduating, with possible expulsion on the cards, is a clear tactic to disrupt the movement,” Abdulla said.

Two other students also face charges related to the same incident, but are not graduates.

UCT spokesperson Gerda Kruger said Abdulla was not being victimised for his involvement in ”general” protest action.

“The student’s claim of being singled out has no basis. Two other individuals who we believe were involved in disrupting the exam are facing charges as well. No one is or will be disciplined for participating in lawful protest action.”

Kruger said UCT had made it clear that students would face disciplinary and legal action if examinations were disrupted. UCT also delivered a notice for RMF to vacate Avenue Hall, a university building on UCT property, with immediate effect on Thursday as the “academic year has now ended”.

RMF member Masixole Mlandu said UCT’s decision to evict the movement was an attempt to demobilise the movement.

“It’s been a year of victories for the students against the colonialist-apartheid tactics employed by echelons of UCT. These oppressive tactics are a reaction to those victories,” Mlandu said.

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