Raoul Dyssell and his co-writer Allan Choi. Picture: Supplied
Cape Town - Local writer, director and filmmaker Raoul Dyssell's screenplay about a post-apocalyptic South Africa has made it into the finals of the 2017 Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

PreZident is an action-horror about a world that has been overrun by a zombie-like epidemic. Miraculously, South Africa survives. The president, Andile, finds out that he was unknowingly cured of the virus by a clandestine treatment. This leads him to make moral decisions that are met with derision from his own staff, and he ends up conspiring with an underground rebel faction to bring the treatment to the people.

PreZident is co-written by Allan Choi, Dyssell’s long-time collaborator and friend. They began working together in 2011, when Choi was cast in Dyssell’s first film, Amiss.

"Raoul has wild and crazy ideas, and I’m grounded. Plus, we come from different backgrounds, so we strike the right balance when crafting a story and creating diverse characters,” Choi said in an earlier interview.

Choi is part of Dyssell's Roll The Dice Pictures, which produces genre films, commercials and music videos.

Watch the trailer for Dysell's 2013 movie Amiss here:

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Beast of Virginia by Matthew Corley
Day Shift by Tyler Tice
PreZident by Raoul Dyssell & Allan Choi

Geist by Julie Iannone
The Clown-Faced Plumber by Frederick Jones
The Forest Fenced Becomes Backyards, Like Songs Are Born From Sound by Ryan M. Moore

Original Teleplay
Fringe Benefit by Rose Schimm
Jackrabbit by David Schlow
Provenance by Tiffany Shaw Ho Schimm

Jackrabbit by David Schlow
Provenance by Tiffany Shaw Ho