Raymond Khan of the New Revelation Embassy innie Retreat

Cape Town - A pastor has opened a case against police, claiming they tried to arrest him without a warrant and threatened to beat him with a stick - while he held his sick one-year-old baby in his arms.

Pastor Raymond Khan of the New Revelation Embassy in Retreat says the incident happened on Friday, 19 October, and was caught on his security cameras.

Footage shows him being shoved around at his home in Cafda while carrying his daughter, Amaya, who he says had been vomiting for 48 hours.

Ipid spokesman Moses Dlamini on Monday confirmed they are aware of the matter.

“I can confirm we will be investigating this,” Dlamini said.

On the footage, Khan is seen holding his daughter in the lounge, surrounded by three police officers in plain clothes.

The cops, who are all stationed at Steenberg Police Station, are armed with a stick and a gun.

Khan posted the video on his Facebook page last week and it has been shared over 2 000 times.

He says he’d been looking after his daughter when he noticed about 15 men outside his home and went to inquire.

“I saw them on my CCTV cameras and first stood on my stoep and asked them if I can help them when they identified themselves as police,” he says.

“They said they are there to arrest me for crimen injuria but I was confused because that is usually a civil matter, not criminal.

“I told them I will not be resisting arrest but I had a sick child who needed medication and I needed to lock up and set my alarm system.”

He says the cops followed him into his home and threatened him.

“The one with the stick began to threaten me and said he will take me by force and moer (beat) me,” says Khan.

“The one was pulling me by my arm which left a blue mark.

“One of the officers shoved me against the wall and then my child started to cry.”

He says when he warned the cops they were being filmed and he had notified his alarm company, they backed off.

“I said to them they have no paperwork, no warrant and they needed to get out as I had pressed my panic button and I was recording this.

“They ran away and said they will be back,” he says.

Khan says he “no idea” what the crimen injuria matter could be and says “it’s probably fake”.

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