Nadine Esterhuizen was found lying dead in a pool of blood at her sister’s home.
Nadine Esterhuizen was found lying dead in a pool of blood at her sister’s home.

Satanism claim after girl, 18, found dead with her blood in a cup

By Genevieve Serra Time of article published Oct 4, 2017

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Cape Town - An 18-year-old Mitchells Plain girl was allegedly killed by a female friend “who was obsessed with her” - during an apparent satanic ritual.

Relatives found the teenager lying in a pool of blood in the kitchen and her long hair cut.

A cup of blood, with strands of her hair in it, was also found on the scene.

The killer used some of the hair to write the word “sorry”’ on the kitchen floor.

The female friend was allegedly found inside a locked toilet at the house, holding a knife.

Corrine Jackson, 20, of Woodlands, appeared in court on Monday.

On Tuesday, in an exclusive interview with the Daily Voice, the family of Nadine Esterhuizen denied she was in a lesbian relationship with her alleged killer.

They finally spoke out about her horrific murder, saying they want to clear up any misconceptions after the story took hold on social media.

The murder accused, Corrine Jackson, 20, from Woodlands, made her first appearance at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

The case was postponed to the 4th of October for a formal bail application.

Jackson apparently tried to commit suicide on the fateful day on Wednesday 27 September.

Her relatives requested she be transferred to a private hospital for medical treatment but were told she would be kept at the hospital section of Pollsmoor Prison.

It is still not clear exactly how Nadine died and the family is waiting for a post-mortem report.

The Portland girl was killed at her sister’s house in Keeno Street, Colorado Park.

Prosecutors are set to prove that Jackson murdered Nadine during an apparent satanic ritual.

On Tuesday, Nadine’s 29-year-old sister, who asked not to be identified, told the Daily Voice her fiancé had found the teen lying in a pool of blood in their kitchen.

She says Nadine was a matriculant at Athlone High School and had been visiting her.

“She was sleeping over at my home while she was on school holidays,” the woman explains.

“I left for work at 8.45am and told her not to open the door for anyone because the area is very quiet.

“Around 3.30pm, my fiancé was on his way home and I tried to call and WhatsApp her to say that my fiancé is coming home and for her to open the door.”

The sister says Nadine replied to her messages but the family now suspect it was actually Jackson who responded.

“Around 3.57pm, my sister sent a WhatsApp saying she was at the shop and sent three question marks, then I called again and there was no answer,” she says.

“My fiancé said he knocked but there was no answer and then asked a tenant on the same property for an extra set of keys.

“He said when he opened the door, he saw my sister lying in a pool of blood.”

She says Nadine and Jackson had been friends since December 2016 and they believe her sister was killed in a satanic ritual.

“There was a cup filled with blood, we do not know whose blood it was,” adds the sister.

“There was also hair in the cup. Strands of hair were used to write the word ‘sorry’.”

She says Jackson was found inside a locked toilet in the house, holding a knife.

She says Nadine had obtained an interdict against Jackson in July after she allegedly fractured Nadine’s skull and threw her cellphone into the ocean.

She denied they were in a same-sex relationship. “They were not lesbians, they were just friends. She was obsessed with my sister and didn’t want to let go of her.”

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