Scores at St George's Cathedral vigil call for immediate ceasefire: ‘Palestine might be heading towards a Black Christmas’

Picture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOL

Picture: Yasmine Jacobs/IOL

Published Nov 29, 2023


Over 100 people called for a ceasefire at a vigil held at the steps and inside St George’s Cathedral on Wednesday.

This comes as several marches, demonstrations, and actions took place on Wednesday across Cape Town, marking the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

In a letter read out in the cathedral, Archbishop of Cape Town Thabo Makgoba said if things do not change “drastically”, as many as 30,000 Palestinians, mostly women, children, and the elderly, would be killed.

“We are witnessing a genocide unfolding. We might be heading for what we used to call Black Christmas. We have witnessed wars in different parts of the world with heavy hearts. We hold prayers for everyone affected by these acts of war. I call for an immediate ceasefire. The church leaders across the globe have called for a ceasefire.”

“Blessed are those who are peacemakers; blessed are the journalists; blessed are the humanitarian workers; blessed are the medical workers; blessed are those searching for bodies under the rubble.

“Woe to those who harm innocent civilians; woe to those who bombed schools and hospitals; woe to those who refuse to negotiate; woe to those who refuse to set the hostages free.

The South African Women in Dialogue said, "we as South Africans cannot be silent and highlighted the role women play in rebuilding a war-torn society".

More demonstrations and actions in the Mother City include, but are not limited to: a demonstration at Modderdam High School; a healthcare workers solidarity protest; Solidarity Action in Blikkiesdorp; pickets calling for the genocide to stop in Maitland and Salt River; solidarity protests in Manenberg and Turfhall Road; a picket in Highlands Drive; a march in Khayelitsha; and an International Day of Solidarity in Worcester.