Crumbling road at Strandfontein Beach, which was awarded Blue Flag status. Picture: Daily Voice

Cape Town - Strandfontein residents say they have had enough of the sorry state of their beachfront and are demanding action from the City of Cape Town.
They say after more than a year of raising concerns about the collapsing Fisherman’s Lane, known as Broken Road to fishermen, no action has been taken by the City, despite the designation of Strandfontein as a Blue Flag Beach.

Mario Oostendurp of Proudly Strandfontein took to social media to voice his frustrations and to share pictures of the broken road and paving.

His post received more than 200 shares.

Currently there is only danger tape around the site.

“My concern is the immediate safety measures which are non-existent, despite ongoing complaints,” he wrote.

Residents slammed Mayor Patricia de Lille and said the City has a cheek to call Strandfontein a Blue Flag beach.

One resident wrote: “I met with De Lille when she came for a ‘Beach safety awareness’ propaganda excursion... posed a question on our illustrious blue flag pavilion showing her the state of the area. Her reply: ‘It can be blue flag, pink flag, green flag... I can’t do anything without you emailing my office’. Which I did and their reply was sent to the relative department. Still waiting these cronies don’t give a s***.”

Area South Mayco member, Eddie Andrews, explains the old wall and road were not founded properly and the seawater was eroding weak points, causing the area around it to collapse.

He says the area will be redeveloped only once there was money available to do so.

“The project has been ongoing since 2015. The City has been planning the redevelopment work for implementation as the road and seawall infrastructure could not be salvaged anymore by that stage,” says Andrews.

He says the matter will now be escalated for review by senior management.

“Steel drums with danger tape were erected to cordon off the area on 19 October 2017 while we await receipt of sturdier barriers to cordon off the road to ensure the safety of users.”

He adds that the Blue Flag status of Strandfontein beach is not affected by conditions at Fisherman’s Lane as they are two separate sites.

Blue Flag status is an internationally recognised standard of excellence awarded to over 4000 beaches around the world.

In order to achieve Blue Flag status, beaches must excel safety, cleanliness, provision of amenities and maintenance of environmental standards.