Freddie Jantjies and his wife of 26 years, Lorraine, who has Alzheimer’s. Picture: Supplied
Freddie Jantjies and his wife of 26 years, Lorraine, who has Alzheimer’s. Picture: Supplied

Son questioned after mom who suffers from Alzheimer’s disappears

By Staff Reporter Time of article published May 19, 2021

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Clyde Adams-Vister

Cape Town - Police have been questioning the son of a missing 78-year-old woman from Genadendal in the Overberg district about her disappearance.

Lorraine Jantjies, who has Alzheimer’s, disappeared from her home on Monday, February 15, after her husband, Freddie, 78, left her alone to go to the clinic.

Brigadier Donovan Heilbron, the commander of the Overberg District, says finding Lorraine is a priority for them: “The search started immediately when it was reported.

“Police officers are interrogating Jantjies’s son, but he has not yet been charged or arrested.”

But according to Albert Adams, 64, a former policeman and family member, the station commander of Genadendal police station never took the matter seriously.

“When he was informed that an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s was missing, he should have acted swiftly.

“I conducted my own investigation and they worked from information I gave them,” says Adams, who lives in Swellendam.

Adams took it upon himself to go to Genadendal at the end of March, and says Valerie Diedericks told him that Lorraine’s son allegedly had something to do with her disappearance.

“On 1 April, I spoke to Valerie and according to her, the son admitted to her and his girlfriend, with whom he was doing tik, that he hurt Lorraine.

“She said she last saw Lorraine at a crèche around 3.30pm that Monday and the girlfriend could confirm it.”

“We are in mid-May and there is still no certainty about the allegations.”

The son lived alone with his elderly parents and he wasn’t home when his dad left for the clinic that day.

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