Ward councillor Angus McKenzie chats 
to Noel Dada, of Bonteheuwel. Picture: Monique Duval

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Cape Town - The feared “zombie apocalypse” brought on by a new drug called flakka appears to have hit the Cape Flats.

An investigation into the distribution of flakka in Bonteheuwel is under way after a man “went crazy” and stabbed his neighbour in the head over the weekend.

Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor, Angus McKenzie, said reports have surfaced from residents that flakka, which costs about R400 a hit, is being distributed for free to children.

This is a ploy by merchants to get people hooked and establish a market.

Flakka, aka gravel or flocka, is a hallucinogenic drug that causes panic and hysteria in users, and has already made its way to Durban from Australia and America.

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Fears grow as 'zombie' drug hits Durban

The “zombie” reference came after two cases were reported in the US, of two men being involved in gruesome murders while under the influence of flakka.

Some physical effects include abnormal heart rates, raised temperatures, muscle spasms, teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Noel Dada, 41, says he was a victim of a flakka attack, after a man he has known all his life, suddenly started stabbing him.

Dada says he was walking to a nearby house shop on Friday shortly after 4pm when he heard the man calling his name.

He says his neighbour looked “possessed” as he wielded a long knife in the air.

“He ran up to me and stabbed me in the head and I just felt the blood running,” he explains.

“I don’t know what was wrong with him, but he looked mad. He didn’t try to rob me, but just ran around with a big knife.”

 A business owner, who asked not to be named, says he had spotted the man a few minutes before the attack and says: “Hy het mal aangegaan (He want crazy), so I chased him away. When I looked up the road I saw he attacked Dada for no reason. Dis mos die flakka ding. (It happened because of the flakka)”

Dada was taken to Vanguard Day Hospital and transferred to Somerset Hospital for stitches. “The knife didn’t go so deep in because they said my skull is fine. I was in a lot of pain and went to the police station to report it,” he says.

“I must take the J88 form back to them before they open a case, but the doctor must first sign it. I don’t know how many stitches there are,but it is sore. He wasn’t arrested yet and we are looking for him.”

McKenzie says he is worried about the reports and a high level meeting has been called with SAPS, Metro Police and Law Enforcement officers to investigate the issue.

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Alleged Flakka pusher 'disappears'

“It is extremely concerning and we have all seen the hype around this flakka drug. To every single drug dealer, I want them to know you are not going to use Bonteheuwel people as your test tube babies to trial your drug,” he says.

“I know it is being handed out for free in the area. We have a plan and a special meeting with police. We will raid each and every drug house to find out who is responsible.”