Randy Tango at the Western Cape High Court on trial for rape and murder. Picture: Cindy Waxa/ANA

Cape Town - Had the second rape allegation made against Randy Tango been followed up and had he been convicted, he would not be on trial for the murder of Stacha Arendse.
These were the sentiments of Judge Robert Henney in the Western Cape High Court on Wednesday.

The husband of one of Tango’s rape victims testified that in July 2012 his wife, who was then his girlfriend, told him she had been raped by Tango. He could not remember the exact date, but according to the State it was July 28.

It is alleged that Tango invited the woman to smoke dagga at the Tafelsig soccer field. He started touching her and she tried to fight him off. Tango allegedly throttled the woman and raped her.

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Testifying in court, the husband said he was using mandrax at the time she told him. He said he did not believe her. He thought she was trying to get his attention.

He said while on their way to the police station they met Tango. “I told her to tell him the same thing she told me. She told him that he had raped her, but Randy denied it,” he said.

“We went with the police to Randy’s house and he was arrested. But we don’t know what happened. The police said they were going to do further investigations. I think the case just died.”

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He said his wife’s case was brought up again after 11-year-old Stacha’s death. Judge Henney asked whether the victim wanted to follow through with the charge.

According to reports, the victim failed to meet investigating officer Lesley Delmini before the matter was taken to court which resulted in the case being withdrawn. Delmini said the case was withdrawn as he struggled to get hold of the victim.

Tango is facing six rape counts and a murder charge. Judgment will be heard on Thursday. 

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