Sizwe Biyela is one of two suspects arrested for the murder of Cape Town lawyer Pete Mihalik.
Sizwe Biyela is one of two suspects arrested for the murder of Cape Town lawyer Pete Mihalik.

'Suspect in Pete Mihalik murder was arrested in my home'

By Saafia February/Daily Voice Time of article published Nov 7, 2018

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Cape Town - A Kuils River resident says he and his family are living in fear after one of Pete Mihalik’s suspected assassins was caught by cops inside his home.

Meanwhile, sources say there was a R5 million hit on the head of the controversial criminal defence attorney, known for representing alleged gang leaders in court.

Mihalik, 50, was gunned down outside his children’s posh school in Green Point last Tuesday.

Two men approached Mihalik’s black Mercedes outside Reddam House and fired three shots through the driver’s side window.

One hit Mihalik in the head and another hit his eight-year-old son in the jaw.

Mihalik died on the scene and his son was rushed to hospital while the shooters fled in a silver VW Polo.

The Anti-Gang Unit arrested Sizwe Biyela, 26, and Nkosinati Khumalo, 31, both from KwaZulu-Natal, within hours of the murder.

Dean Smeda says the suspect broke into his home in a secure complex in Kuils River.

Homeowner Dean Smeda, who lives in a secure housing complex in Kuils River, says he was shocked to get a call from his neighbours saying cops had pulled up at his house.

Smeda says the suspect, believed to be Khumalo, had come through the security turnstile at the front of the complex, broken into his home and was sitting in the lounge when cops arrested him.

This after his neighbours noticed the stranger in the complex and called local authorities.

An hour later, “a 17-vehicle convoy”, some marked “AGU”, descended on the complex and headed straight for Smeda’s house.

Footage at the entrance of the complex show the AGU vehicles arriving.

“I was on my way home from work when my neighbour told me my door had been smashed open by the police. There was apparently a man sitting on my couch, making himself right at home. He was armed,” the shocked father says.

“He tried to convince the police that he lived there and they went through our things, our pictures and utility bills.

“Obviously the guy did not belong and he was arrested and taken away.

Police arrive at the Kuils River complex.

“My neighbours took pictures of all of this and their phones were confiscated by police. By the time I arrived home, police had already left,” Smeda says.

The dad says he is just grateful his children were not home at the time.

“If the police did not track this guy, my kids could have been hurt or killed so I am very grateful.

“But I need to know if we are safe now. I tried to make contact with the police at two different police stations, but nobody is able to assist me.

“I don’t know this man, but he was in my home and my family may be at risk.”

The head of the AGU, Major-General Andre Lincoln, on Tuesday said he could not comment on the arrest.

“[The] matter forms part of an ongoing investigation. If it is deemed necessary, we will make contact with the homeowner,” he said.

A source close to Mihalik says he was an important figure in the underworld and “knew too much”.

“They had R5 million on his head. He was a person to be reckoned with. The day before his death, he received threats. Pete was talking to too many people about his cases.”

The two accused are back in court on Thursday.

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