Constable Ntomby Gaven Picture: Leon Knipe
Cape Town - Neighbours of a married couple, who were both police officers, just heard loud music playing for hours at their house, not realising the two were dead.

It is believed one of the officers killed the other and then themselves.

However, police did not confirm it was a murder-suicide and detectives are now working around the clock trying to determine who pulled the trigger at the house in Hantam Street, N2 Gateway, in Delft yesterday morning.

Constable Anele Matsinya, stationed at Durbanville Police Station, had finished his shift at 1am and went home to his wife, Constable Ntomby Gaven, stationed at Cape Town Central.

The couple have two children who live in the Eastern Cape with relatives.

Cops say when Matsinya did not arrive for his 6am shift, his commander became worried and sent a team to the house to investigate.

Although Matsinya’s police vehicle was parked outside, no one answered the door.

The cops eventually forced their way into the house, and were shocked to find two bodies.

A bag packed with Matsinya’s clothing was found next to his cupboard.

Police spokespersons, Captain FC van Wyk and Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut, were both at the scene on Tuesday.

Van Wyk confirmed the victims were cops and said police have yet to determine what type of case they are investigating.

The bodies of the married couple were found in their Delft home. Picture: Leon Knipe

“We have two of our members, both 38 years old. The husband came home [on Tuesday] morning about 1am from work, and according to reports, the neighbours just heard loud music,” he said.

“This morning he didn’t report for duty and at about 8.35am, the commander at Durbanville SAPS sent members to his home to see where he is.

“When they arrived here, they saw the vehicle. They knocked on the door and there was no answer. They broke open the door and found both the members. The circumstances surrounding the incident is under investigation.”

Shocked neighbours stood in the pouring rain, dressed in their pajamas in the street.

“We didn’t even know what was happening, we didn’t hear the gunshots, we just heard music playing the whole night,” said one neighbour, who didn’t want to be named.