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Cape Town - A suspect from Gatesville had a crappy time after he broke into a house, but then got stuck in the toilet.

Cops found the man sitting on the loo after alert neighbours alerted the local neighbourhood watch.

Unfortunately for the homeowners, the suspects stole copper pipes in the bathroom and their flat was flooded.

Fowzia Veerasamy, the chairperson of the Gatesville Neighbourhood Watch, says the suspect is a “well-known drug addict” in the area, and was spotted by a pensioner making a Spiderman move as he climbed up the pipes of the flat in Amber Court.

She says the suspect broke the bathroom window of the second-storey flat with a brick to gain entry.

“But, he couldn’t get through to the house as the owner had locked the bathroom door as she was not home at the time,” she says.

When Veerasamy and two neighbourhood watch members arrived at the flat, they recognised the thief.

“This was someone everyone helped, and fed, and gave odd jobs to in the flats.

“He stuck his head out of the bathroom. We asked him what he was doing inside and he had two stories, ‘the pipe broke and I climbed up to fix it’ and ‘the people were chasing me and I climbed up here’,” she says.

A resident at the flat says they also know the suspect.

“When I arrived to open the door, he was stuck in the toilet. My mom locks the toilet door as a safety precaution. He probably thought the door was open and he was going to gain entry into the house.

“He broke off the shower head and copper pipe in the bathroom.


“We know him. We’ve helped him out, and fed him and his mother lives in the next flat.

“A few weeks ago, he stole my friend’s two pairs of takkies from his home, before that he stole parts from a mechanic. This was just his due time to get caught,” the man says.

Veerasamey says neighbours came out to assist the homeowner as her whole house was flooded.

“When the front door was opened, the water gushed out. Neighbours all braced the cold and came out with their brooms and mops to assist the family.

“The police were called and he was just sitting there on the toilet bowl,” she adds.

Police spokesperson, Captain FC van Wyk, confirms: “An attempted housebreaking and theft case was registered for investigation, and a suspect in his 40s was arrested.

“He is due to appear in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (today),” Van Wyk said.

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