Cape Town, 23.03.2006: The Sea Point promenade has fallen into a state of disrepair in recent years. Many residents and promenade regulars are concerned about the safety of the famous walk way. Community leaders and residents are hoping that something will be done, and soon. Picture Oliver Hermanus / Reporter David Yutar

Cape Town - A two-year-old Swedish girl suffered pulmonary contusion injuries from a fall at Sea Point, the City of Cape Town said on Monday.

Spokesman Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said Alma Krook had stood against the rail on Sunday, when she bent forward she fell down the embankment onto the rocks and sand.

She was on an excursion with her mother and a friend when the incident occurred between Marine and Olive Street on the Sea Point Promenade.

She was taken to the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital.

“Earlier today (Monday) the medical doctor on duty at the hospital confirmed that the child suffered pulmonary contusion (bruises of the lung) that is caused by chest trauma.”

He said the child also suffered soft tissue injuries.

“This is as a result of damage to capillaries (vessels), where blood and other fluids accumulate in the lung tissue.

“The excess fluid interferes with gas exchange that can potentially lead to inadequate oxygen levels 1/8hypoxia 3/8.”

He said the doctor indicated the child should remain in hospital for observation until Tuesday, for her condition to improve.

“The doctor also indicated that no air travel be undertaken until next week as the flying by a pressured aircraft can cause harm to the health of the minor.”

The Swedes were due to leave South Africa on Monday. They have extended their stay in South Africa and rescheduled the flights.

Swedish consular in Cape Town, Nils Erik Warner, had been informed to notify the embassy in Pretoria regarding the incident. - Sapa